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Ask not what your community can do for you, Do ask what you can do for you community!

Welcome to the web portal of the Beninese Diaspora in the United States of America!
In 2007, taking into account the desire expressed by the government of Benin to see the Beninese Diaspora organize themselves into an economic power to help Benin finance its development, community leaders gathered in New York city for a conference which saw the participation of nearly all of the leaders of the community.
The conference led to the birth of Benin Diaspora USA, as the parent organization of all the state level associations, which are to operate under its umbrella. Among its assigned missions are,  supporting and strengthening local associations, promoting the economic development of the Beninese Diaspora in America and channeling the fallout from this economic boom towards development projects in Benin in a win-win spirit for the country, and for the Diaspora.
Our organization has come a long way and gained a lot of experience since then. This uniquely positions us today to better serve our community and achieve our goals.
As you know, community work is not the business of a few, but rather the hands joining by all, in solidarity. Therefore, I call on you to join us today by becoming a member. You may also show your generosity by donating to our cause and mission by clicking on the link below. While you are at it, please do not forget to listen to your heart and support one of our current projects.
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Georges W. LEROUX

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